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I can't put into words how thankful I am to be a part of TRINITY. This family has played a huge part in bringing me to my incredible God.Katie Meadows
TRINITY is a loving community who support each other. It welcomes, nurtures, challenges and encourages people to serve as well as being served.Alice Wilson
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If you are only just starting to get to grips with Christianity – or TRINITY Church – then the conversation about giving money to church can wait. For now please enjoy being a part of our community and finding out what we’re about as a church. It’s great to have you with us.

However if you do wish to be a partner with us in growing the kingdom of God then regular giving is a really important part of every Christian’s discipleship for three reasons:

  1. Jesus said, ‘where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ (Matthew 6:21). In other words, we give money to the things we love and we love the things we give money to.
  2. Generous and joyful giving is an appropriate and telling response to the love of God in our life. One place the Bible talks about this is in Corinthians 8:1-15.
  3. As a church our mission is to grow the kingdom of God in people’s lives. All our ministries point towards this single aim. Every ministry in our church needs money to run, which means we rely on our members for everything we do.

There are various ways to give regularly every month or every week.


1. Standing Order
The easiest is to set up a bank standing order that comes direct from your bank/building society account at a time to suit you. If you are a tax payer then for every £1 you give a further 25p can be claimed by the church from the Inland Revenue; all you need to do is to sign a ‘Gift Aid’  form.

2. Regular giving via envelopes
If you prefer to give what you can regularly on a Sunday you can have some envelopes from the Office, with your own giving number written on them, this unique number identifies you, and again tax can be claimed back if you complete a Gift Aid form.  All you do then is to place the envelope in the collection bag on a Sunday.  The Office or the Treasurer can give you your number (or you can select your own if it is not already taken).  The Office will supply envelopes.

3. Sunday collection to mission partners
Each month we give to a different mission partner and if you wish the money to go direct to them you need to use the envelopes with the BLACK writing on. Put your details on the front of the envelope to make it eligible for Gift Aid.  Details of which mission partner it is for the month appears on the back of the notice sheet.

4. Sunday collection to church
If you want your Sunday collection money to go to the church rather than the monthly mission partner put it in one of the envelopes with red printing.  If you are a taxpayer then put your details on the front of the envelope to add the Gift Aid which we claim back.

5. Legacy
Finally, you can leave a legacy to the church in your Will which will help the ongoing mission of the church.

If you have any questions about regular giving, please contact Alan Hardy, or else talk to any member of our leadership, or the Rector Steve Daughtery.

Thank you for partnering with us to extend God’s kingdom.


People often say to us, ‘when I started serving on a team, that’s when I felt I belonged at TRINITY.’

If you have decided to make TRINITY your ‘home’ then we really recommend finding a place to serve on one of our many teams. TRINITY is a large and growing church; this means there is definitely a place for you to serve somewhere, but you may need our help to find where that might be!

Below is a list of our ministries, with the name of the person to contact.

You can find telephone numbers and email addresses in the church directory, or else call the church office on 01273 470616.

TRINITY Job Opportunities

We are recruiting for a new team member!

Venue / Bookings Administrator

A 12 month (at least) post for 15 hours/week overseeing the use of our venues and the bookings administration supporting both hirers and ministries in the use our of facilities.  If this could be you, the role description is found HERE.

Please do also chat to Steve.  Closing date for applications (CV and Covering letter) 16th February 2018.

Click HERE to check out the job description

Music Ministry

If you enjoy making music then there are a range of opportunities to get involved. Our SATB choir sings every week at the 10am service, rehearsing every Friday from 7 - 8:30pm. Contact Stella Hull to get involved.

If you are more familiar with contemporary music, then we have worship bands who deliver music at the 6:30pm service every week, and a smaller group for the 11:15 and 10am service. You can take part as frequently or occasionally as you wish! We rehearse before each service, but also meet as a community for encouragement and training monthly on Saturdays 5-7pm. Contact Martin Dyer.

If you play an orchestral instrument to Grade 6 or above, we also have an occasional orchestra that plays for our large festivals such as Christmas or Easter. We write bespoke parts that bring a fantastic sense of grandeur to our celebrations. Contact Martin Dyer if you would like to be involved in these.

Sound Engineering

There is a large and faithful team of sound engineers and who serve our Sunday services. If you love music, like working with sound equipment, and can work with a group to get a perfect sound balance for our congregations, then this is the team for you! We will pair you up with an experience engineer for training, and our rota helps spread the commitment so it shares the workload among the team. Contact Chris Webb.

Youthwork & Children's Ministry

We have a thriving Youth Ministry at TRINITY Church, that is built on a team of dedicated, energetic and passionate leaders! We need all types of people - young, old, male, female, introvert, extrovert, quiet, loud - to mentor our young people, and there are a range of roles available of varying levels of commitment. Youth Ministry can be one of the most involved ministries, but it is also one of the most rewarding! If you would like to make a difference to young lives, contact Dianne Hamilton. Note that because of the sensitivity and trust involved in the role, entrance onto the youth ministry team is subject to an informal interview and an enhanced DBS Check.

Our Children and Families ministry is a large and vibrant community. One of the most valuable roles within the children’s work is to teach at our weekly Sunday Clubs. If you would like to get involved in any area of our children’s work, contact Neil Chisnall.

Pastoral Ministry

Our whole Church Family is committed to caring for one another as the needs arise, but there are always those who are particularly vulnerable and may need more care than most. The Pastoral Visiting team is there to make sure nobody gets forgotten! If you have a listening ear, a warm heart, and good people-skills, the pastoral team may be for you. Contact Janette Watkins.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry team offers prayer ministry to those who desire it at our 11:15am and 6:30pm services. We offer training sessions twice a year, and meet to discuss and pray together regularly. If you are a ‘natural pray-er,’ good with people and have a passion for bringing the needs of others to God, then please contact David Paterson to find out more.

Southover Care Agency

Southover Care is our Professional Care Agency that TRINTY Church, Southover set up in response to the need we saw in the community. If you would like to be part of a ministry that goes into the community to provide care and relief for those with special practical needs, then we would love to hear from you. Unlike most other ministries, Southover Care is a business that employs members of the church for this work. Because of the sensitivity and trust involved in the role, entrance onto the team is subject to an interview and an enhanced DBS Check. Contact Janette Watkins.


We believe that welcoming and hospitality is an essential ministry for any Church community. If you would like to help TRINITY Church make it easier for newcomers to join the church and feel a sense of warmth and belonging, then this ministry is for you! Contact Trevor Meadows

Practical help on Sundays

There are all sorts of practical tasks that need doing on a Sunday, from serving tea and coffee to folk, giving elderly people a lift to and from church, to setting and re-setting the building for services. If you are able to help with small practical tasks on a Sunday, please contact Carol Taplin.