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Welcome to TRINITY Church!


TRINITY is a vibrant and outward-looking Anglican church meeting across 3 sites and 6 congregations throughout Lewes, East Sussex. We aim to be a friendly, welcoming church, where people are encouraged to find out about God and grow in their relationship with him.

Our vision is to see lives transformed by the love of Christ

Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full” John 10v10.

You can find out more about our community using the links at the top right of this page. If this is your first time to our site we do hope that you will pay us a visit soon.

We look forward to meeting you,


Rev. Steve Daughtery

Rector, TRINITY Church Lewes

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Our vision is to see lives transformed by the love of Christ.

Jesus said: ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.’ John 10:10

Jesus Christ came to teach, to serve and to heal. Most importantly, he came to die for us, so that we might be offered a life lived in relationship with God. Jesus invites us to find in him the security, joy, friendship and adventure which we have all been made to enjoy. We believe in the power of this Good News to change lives and communities, and Jesus sends us to be agents of that change across our town and beyond.

This vision is the heartbeat of TRINITY.

Our mission is to build wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, ”Love the Lord our God with all your heart , and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength; … and love your neighbour as yourself”. Mark 12v30

As a church family we are from many different backgrounds: from lighthouse keeper to architect; we’re single, married, widowed and divorced; young, old and somewhere in between. We long to grow in every aspect of our being (e.g. deeper in our understanding of God, more caring in our relationships, larger through helping people find God). This desire to move on and to grow in our love of God and for each other is at the heart of who we are. For TRINITY, maintaining the “status quo” is not an option, we hunger to respond to God’s love, to be transformed, to grow.

TRINITY Church exists to build wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ. This is our mission and it shapes who we are and everything we do.

Christianity starts with the idea that there is a spiritual reality that exists, without which we struggle to explain and understand our humanity.

What, or who is this spiritual reality? And how do we discover it – or Him?

The Bible reveals to us that there is one God, who is not a mere ‘force’ in the universe, but has personal attributes like you and me. Because God is a person, we can know Him and understand Him like we might get to know a friend, father, brother or sister.

God has made his character known throughout history, but finally made himself known through coming to earth in the person of Jesus Christ, the person around whom Christianity centres.

Jesus Christ came to earth to show us who God is. He came to teach us about himself. He came to care for the sick and those in distress. He came to experience the frailties and difficulties of human life alongside us.

Most importantly, Jesus Christ came to die. He died on a Friday, and on the Sunday rose again.

Christianity is founded on these two events in history. As we delve into the meaning of these two events, we begin to understand who God is. The more we understand these two events, the more we understand about ourselves. And when we understand who we are, and who God is, and why Jesus had to die, the answers to life’s biggest questions begin to unfold.

If you would like to find out more, we run an Alpha course three times a year. The Alpha course is an opportunity to meet over ten weeks in a relaxed environment with other people who are asking questions. To find out more, click here.

Requesting a Pastoral visit or home Communion.

What is Pastoral Care?

We believe that human beings are made of body, mind and spirit.  Our pastoral care seeks to provide appropriate support for aspects of all these dimensions of our humanity.  We believe the gospel impacts the way we are called to help people:

  • practically (eg. to provide meals, transport to hospital, replacing electrical fuses, advocacy and guidance to help access professional medical services);
  • emotionally (eg. listening, friendship, belonging, advice); and
  • spiritually (guidance on truth, development of a personal relationship with God, shared prayer and Holy Communion).

We believe that all three dimensions relate to and integrate with each other: eg. our physical condition may impact our emotions and our spirituality; our emotions may impact our physical condition and our spirituality; and our spiritual condition may impact our physical life and our emotions.  Hence, care in one aspect of our being may also help in the other aspects.

Therefore people’s pastoral care needs are a mix of physical, emotional and spiritual support and range across the continuum from concern to critical.

As TRINITY church we seek to provide lay, trained and (in some cases) expert help through our visiting teams, leaders, clergy, counselling (Southover Counselling) and personal care service (Southover Care).

Who provides Pastoral Care?

We organise our Pastoral Care around our congregations, people ministries (eg. youth) and Home Groups.  Each congregation and people ministry has a lead pastor who is responsible for ensuring appropriate pastoral care is provided for people under their responsibility.

Janette Watkins is the Trinity Pastoral Care Minister, employed by TRINITY Church for 2 days a week.

In addition to the lead pastors, Trinity has congregation/ministry specific Pastoral Visitors (for example: Ann Washer for the 9:30am, Jenni Taylor for the 10:00am, Tracey Meadows for the 11:15am, Judy Yeomans for Families, Ken Bridger for the 4:30pm) who are trained, DBS cleared and are available to visit those in need.

These individual pastors and their visitors make up the overall Pastoral Team for our church (see table below).  In addition, the Pastoral Team may call on other members of the church to visit as appropriate. The Pastoral Team meets fortnightly to discuss pastoral issues and pray together. The content of these meetings is confidential within the team.

Our approach is to create a network of relationships formed of these three dimensions (congregations, people ministries and Home Groups) to try to ensure that no-one is overlooked.

Congregation/Ministry          Lead Pastor                                                     Lead Pastoral Visitor

8:00am                                      Steve Daughtery and Jeremy Bamber

9:30am                                      Jeremy Bamber                                                Ann Washer

10:00am                                    Steve Daughtery                                              Jenni Taylor

11:15am                                     Steve Daughtery                                               Tracey Meadows

4:30pm                                     Dick Field                                                          Ken Bridger

6:30pm                                     Jeremy Bamber and Steve Daughtery         Tracey Meadows


Children and Families             Neil Chisnall                                                     Judy Yeomans

Youth Ministry                          Dianne Hamilton

Older People’s Ministry          Janette Watkins                                               Ken Bridger

Men’s Ministry                         Luke Hamilton

Women’s Ministry                   Di Meadows


Home Group                            Home Group Leaders


Much pastoral care is provided on an informal basis through church friendships and small groups (eg. Home Groups, Links, Inspire, Men’s Breakfasts etc).  In need, any of the lead pastors can be contacted to request more specific care.

If you have any questions about our pastoral care, please speak to one of the Lead Pastors.

If you wish to have a pastoral visit or a communion administered to you at home, please contact the Church Office on 01273 470616 or send an email to office@southover.org.uk. You can also contact Janette Watkins.

Safeguarding at TRINITY

TRINITY welcomes children, young people and vulnerable adults. We want them to be safe when they are on church premises or attending any event run by us.  To this end we have adopted the House of Bishops’ Child Protection Policy “Protecting all God’s Children” as the basis for our own policy and practice document.

Our Children’s & Youth Safeguarding Representative is Kirsty Stannard.

Our Safeguarding Children & Young people policy and best practice can be viewed HERE.

Our Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Representative is Jenni Taylor.

Our Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults policy can be viewed HERE.

If you have concerns about any child’s or vulnerable adult’s welfare, contact numbers can be found on the Church Notice Board, the Church Directory, or by contacting the Church Office 470616 or office@trinitylewes.org

Other helpful numbers are:
CCPAS 24hr helpline Churches Child Protection Advisory Service – 0845 120 4550
Childline – 0800 1111
NSPCC Helpline – 0800 389 5344
Colin Perkins Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor – 01273 425792
East Sussex Single Point of Access team – 01323 464222

Meet the team

Rev. Steve Daughtery Rector
Rev. Jeremy Bamber Associate Vicar
Martin Dyer Associate Minister
Rev. Jules Middleton Curate
Neil Chisnall Children, Families and Schools Minister
Dianne Hamilton Youth Minister
Rev. Dick Field Associate Vicar
Janette Watkins Pastoral Minister
Amanda Daughtery Church Office
Trevor Meadows St. John sub Castro Warden
John Jardine St. John sub Castro Warden
Andrew White Southover Warden
Carolyn Fry Southover Warden
Trevor Pearce South Malling Warden
Kate Rothery South Malling Warden
How We're Organised

This chart has been created to give us an overall 'map' of who is doing what at TRINITY and who to contact if you have questions.

Contact numbers can be found in the church directory.

To view the chart click here.

Our Values, Mission and Marks

You can read our vision document HERE.

Our 5 Building Blocks

TRINITY’s Five Building Blocks

There are five purposes of our Church’s mission, based on the dynamic life of the early church in Acts Chapter 2. These purposes are:


1. Preaching & Teaching

We want to be hungry to know God deeply and personally through the Bible, and for our lives to be shaped and directed by His word.


2. Fellowship & Pastoral Care

We want to be an all-embracing and outward-looking community, in which we support, care for and love each other as God loves us.


3. Worship & Prayer

We want to glorify God and experience His love in our worship, be refreshed and sustained by a real encounter with Him and see Him move in response to our prayers.


4. Service & Social Action

We want to be so motivated by Jesus’ sacrificial love that we will serve others to make a radical difference to our Church, Lewes and beyond.


5. Mission & Evangelism

We want to share the joy of God’s good news in a natural and relevant way, so that many come to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.


Our Journey

It is natural for people to want to gather together with others who share the same tastes and outlook on life. It would be easy and very comfortable for TRINITY to focus its ministry on a particular cultural age group or personality type. But God does not often call us to opt for the comfortable life! Instead, as we humbly engage with our differences this is how we are stretched and grow. We believe that this is part and parcel of the gospel message to “love one another” and we want it to be one of the key marks of our church. We want to strive to make TRINITY a place “where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord”.

As we serve others we long to see people progress in their journey and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who see themselves at the heart of God’s people at TRINITY. It is possible for people to see themselves at one of four stages in their journey of faith:

Outside Church Community – someone who has no particular interest in Church.
Church Fringe – someone who is exploring their faith and who sees themselves as a guest rather than a host when attending something that we do.
Congregation – Someone who sees themselves as a host rather than a guest but has not yet found the place to exercise their ministry.
Committed to following Jesus Christ – Someone who is personally committed to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and seeing this happen in others.

We want to do anything and everything possible to help people grow in their faith. To do this we must develop an exciting and engaging series of ministries that develop the core values across all groups of people.

We believe that each of the Building Blocks and each of the groups of people are important and we wish to progress on all of them together. This is possible because we see the function of leadership not primarily as “doing” but as helping to equip, harness and release the ministry of the whole congregation. Leadership involves helping as many members of the church as possible to see where they fit and how they may use their gifts. Having said this, progress will be determined by the people and resources that God gives us.

What are the implications for us?

As a response to this strategy we will develop an action plan for each of the Building Blocks and for each of the groups of people. Every year we will use this action plan not only to show us our “next step” but also to help us understand where we have come from and where we are going. Our strategy and our action plan will be communicated as widely as possible so that they may be shaped and changed by the congregation as we grow.

May God bless us as we journey together.