Mission Partners

At TRINITY we support mission organisations in the UK and overseas. We also send and support members of our own congregation to serve, heal, and share the Gospel of Jesus.

There are a number of organisations and individuals we regularly support. Each one can be found below and if you would like to know more please contact the leaders of the Mission Committee Christine Angell and Jonathan Lamb

Lisa Buyinza

Pearl Of Grace

Pearl of Grace Ministries is a registered community based organisation, founded by TRINITY member Lisa Buyinza and her husband, Isaac, operating in Entebbe and Gomba in Uganda. Pearl of Grace exists to holistically support vulnerable or abused children and adolescents, for the purpose of seeing lives transformed by Jesus. Their vision is to see broken young people, families and communities restored, rebuilt and transformed by the love of Christ.  

Pearl of Grace runs a number of holiday clubs, workshops, and Bible study groups with young women and girls from the local community, often working alongside local churches. They also run training sessions which include sharing and teaching skills such as bag making, rug making and cooking, empowering young women to run their own small businesses. Discipleship and fellowship are key, with essential space created for 1:1 time and support. 

Pearl of Grace also runs a sponsorship programme for individual girls and is building upon a long term vision to establish a girls’ home.

Website coming soon! In the meantime, please contact Lucy Moore, Lisa’s mission champion at TRINITY, for more information.



Think & Do (Egypt)

Christine Angell

Open Hands

Ian Taplin

 Beachy Head Chaplaincy

Jonathan Lamb

Prison Fellowship

Mary Boyum

Life In Abundance

Jonathan Lamb

FSW (Family Support Work)

Sharon Phillips

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Mary Hempshall

Bible Society

Ian Hempshall

Eco Church

David Melville

 Amos Trust 

Rob Hoy 

Think & Do, a ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship in Egypt, was founded in 1995 by a visionary Egyptian Christian leader. Its vision is “a developed society filled with hope where people enjoy their full human rights”. Think & Do works with local churches and community organisations, seeking to empower local communities – economically, socially, health-wise, culturally and spiritually – and helping people to claim and obtain their human rights, to ensure sustainable community development.

The target group is men, women and children living in deprived rural and urban areas, with some activities aiming specifically to empower women and assist female headed households. The many activities include vocational training; micro enterprise; running life schools for women and girls who dropped out of school; training preschool teachers; and offering Christian leadership training courses in rural areas. Numerous lives have been transformed, economically, socially and spiritually, through Think & Do’s ministry.

Open Hands was founded in England in 2010 by TRINITY member Rebekka Maughan. The charity works in Romania with the most vulnerable and neglected children.

Rebekka and her team, which includes two Trustees from TRINITY congregations, bring the transforming love of Christ where the need is the greatest and currently work with 90 children and families, from extremely poor backgrounds. Children are reached through two programs which focus on education, health and practical help.

Open Hands bears witness that with the love of Jesus nothing is impossible and that through the power of His love all things can be achieved.

For more information about Open Hands, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

We seek to save lives at Beachy Head, using search, rescue and crisis intervention to reach out, offering hope to anyone who is suicidal or in distress.

Our search and rescue chaplaincy staff are supported by a large team of qualified and committed search and rescue chaplaincy volunteers. We patrol on foot and by car, and respond to emergency calls, to locate people at risk.

Our chaplains are Christians from local churches and although we reach out with the love of God, we never impose our faith on the people we seek to help.

We believe that by receiving skilled crisis intervention support at their time of crisis, people in suicidal distress can be awakened to the hope that there are other ways forward to address the problems they face.

Prison Fellowship UK exists to reach out to prisoners with the love of Jesus.

Its work is based largely on volunteers, who can be found in many different roles.

Volunteers from TRINITY Lewes & other churches are involved in many different activities – visiting Lewes prisoners on the wings, helping in prison chapel services, talking and praying with prisoners showing them love and acceptance. Volunteers run a creche for prisoners’ children during families’ visiting hours, guitar courses, Sycamore Tree courses to enable prisoners to look at the effect of their crimes on their victims and seek to make changes in their lives, Alpha courses, letter writing and correspondence; and helping prisoners send Christmas presents to their children, through Angel Tree.

We also meet privately for monthly prayer, and prayer requests from prisoners and Chaplaincy team are emailed to those willing to pray.

New volunteers are always welcome to join the team . There are many opportunities to get involved in this “mission field on our doorstep”.

Not all these activities take place all the time. but if you are interested in any particular activity please contact:
Mary Boyum

For more information about Prison Fellowship, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Life In Abundance is an African founded, faith-based community development organisation serving in 14 countries throughout Africa and the Caribbean. They seek to partner and empower the local church to break the cycle of poverty within some of the poorest and most maginalised communities by restoring health, renewing hope and inspiring lasting transformation.

Their unique, proven and sustainable model of transformational development builds on the spiritual truth that the Gospel should bring about changes within the spiritual, social and material dimensions of a community to improve the human condition with a “wholistic” approach.

For more information about Life In Abundance, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

FSW works in partnership with the Diocese of Chichester to help support families across Sussex. Set up to help those on the margins of society, FSW works with families who are most at risk of slipping through the safety net offered by the state, and support parents as they try to ensure their children have the best start in life. FSW’s Family Support Practitioners are all qualified professionals who work intensively with individual families. They visit families at home to provide one-to-one emotional and practical support.

FSW helps those struggling with low income and poverty; housing issues; mental/physical ill health; domestic violence; and school refusal/exclusion.

Help offered includes listening; parenting advice; money management skills; advocating on behalf of the family; providing food and clothing; group play sessions; and after-school & holiday activities. For more information see www.familysupportwork.org

Since 2009, TRINITY Church has been supporting the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea, specifically the Iduna Translation Project. The Iduna New Testament was first published in 1982, and is currently being revised, and the Old Testament is a work in progress. Margaret Beaumont in Australia is responsible for training two national translators from one of PNG’s 600 islands, and checking their revision of the New Testament books, in order for the speakers of that tongue to personally relate to the Scriptures, perhaps for the first time. Teams of translators visit the Alotau Regional Centre, in the Milne Bay Province, on a regular basis, in order to carry out translation checking. The two Iduna translators, Peter and Reuben, have to undertake sometimes dangerous sea crossings to reach the centre. Iduna is just one of PNG’s 800 languages.

For more information about Wycliffe, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Bible Society believes that the scriptures are God’s gift to the world. They want everyone to discover its message for themselves.

Because of that, they translate the Bible and make it accessible in people’s heart languages, bringing it into public spaces where its voice can be heard, for instance through the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast or The Pitch film fund. They encourage people who’ve never thought the Bible was for them to explore it for themselves, and see life through a different lens.

In many parts of the world, the key barrier to people engaging with the Bible is availability. At home, it’s simply that many people don’t think the Bible is relevant to them.

At TRINITY we do this through the Open the Book programme where teams go into some of our local primary schools to present Bible stories in an engaging and challenging way

A Rocha UK are a Christian conservation charity working to protect and restore the natural world both nationwide and through local projects. A Rocha UK Centre is located in Brentford, West London.

TRINITY member David Melville worked part time for over 8 years with ARUK, latterly as Education Manager in west London in two areas – Minet Country Park a living legacy and in the Wolf Fields Community Gardens.

He has encouraged the next generation of local primary school children (3000 footfall 2017) by having an environmental encounter through activities all linked to the national curriculum, always giving credit to the Creator.

For more information about A Rocha, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Since April 2019 the A Rocha and Creation Care mission has widened to include A Rocha International where we regularly pray around the world and focus on the work of A Rocha India – protecting and educating about Elephants and other biodiversity in the Bannerghata National Park. See www.arocha.org

In addition we pray and encourage local action here in Lewes about climate change and justice.

Amos Trust is a small creative human rights organisation committed to challenging injustice, building hope and creating positive change. They collaborate with grass-roots partners around the world. Several TRINITY members have taken part in their activities.

CLIMATE JUSTICE: The Trust believes that climate change is a justice issue since those with the least political and economic power, and least responsibility for climate change, are most affected. They partner with CEPAD in Nicaragua to help rural communities flourish.

STREET JUSTICE involves meeting children and young people on the streets, recognising the trauma they experience, working with their families and advocating for their rights. The Trust’s partner in India advocates for the rights of children and families living on the streets of Chennai.

PALESTINE JUSTICE: Amos Trust are concerned about the many Palestinian homes that have been destroyed in the West Bank, and the small number of building permits given to Palestinian landowners living there.


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