Christianity starts with the idea that there is a spiritual reality, without which we struggle to understand our humanity.

What, or who is this spiritual reality? And how do we discover it – or Him?

The Bible reveals to us that there is one God, who is not a mere ‘force’ in the universe, but has personal attributes like you and me. Because God is a person, we can know Him and understand Him like we might get to know a friend, father, brother or sister.

God has made his character known throughout history, but finally made himself known through coming to earth in the person of Jesus Christ, the person around whom Christianity centres.

Jesus Christ came to earth to show us who God is. He came to teach us about himself. He came to care for the sick and those in distress. He came to experience the frailties and difficulties of human life alongside us.

Most importantly, Jesus Christ came to die. He died on a Friday, and on the Sunday rose again.

Christianity is founded on these two events in history. As we delve into the meaning of these two events, we begin to understand who God is. The more we understand these two events, the more we understand about ourselves. And when we understand who we are, and who God is, and why Jesus had to die, the answers to life’s biggest questions begin to unfold.

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