Lewes Prospects

Prospects seeks to provide access to full life in Jesus for those with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Lewes Prospects Group meets fortnightly to facilitate discipleship and worship for people with learning difficulties or disabilities. We usually meet in the Chapter House at TRINITY Southover and use easily accessible material, teaching about Jesus
and encouraging a personal relationship with Him.

If you or a friend, would like to become part of our group, contact Biddie Mutter.

About Prospects

What to Expect

The Team


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Prospects Ministry focuses on making worship, Christian teaching and fellowship accessible to people with a learning disability or difficulty, using multi-sensory teaching, drama, craft and music in small groups.

TRINITY Prospects is affiliated to the Count Everyone In organisation who provide training and teaching materials.

What happens at Prospects?

Praying & learning about God

Making friends & chat

Music & singing

Drama & dance

Games & quizzes

Craft activities

Food, tea & coffee!

The Prospects Team

The Team are all Christians with a personal faith and a passion for sharing Jesus with people who are often over-looked in society.