‘On a Journey’

17-31st August at The TRINITY Centre, St John sub Castro

Opening Dates

Saturday 17th Aug // 10am – 4pm
Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th Aug // 10am – 4pm
Monday 26th – Saturday 31st Aug // 10am – 4pm

Following on from last year’s successful ‘On Communication’ exhibition, TRINITY is delighted to be taking part in Artwave for the second time this year. Curating this year’s event: ‘On a Journey’ we’ll be hosting the work of Suzanne Hennegrave, Sarah Horne, Martina La Trobe Bateman & John Norris exploring the theme of journey in physical, spiritual, emotional or imaginative form.

Physical journeys can be very literal, travelling from point A to point B, but can bring unexpected sights and experiences along the way. Spiritual journeys might occur within oneself or with others, guided by a divine presence. Emotional journeys often lead us to venture into our own minds, sometimes not of our own choosing. Imaginative journeys are not limited to the physical world and can take us wherever we desire.

Journeys can broaden horizons, break boundaries and bring significant personal growth. In journeying, what we already know is often challenged as we experience places and depths previously unimaginable. ‘On a Journey’ seeks to explore some of these elements of what it means to be transformed in journeying.

The exhibition will also feature workshops for adults and children. We hope to encourage you to join us in exploring this theme in different ways: practically through the building of a sculpture; in a spiritual sense to explore what it means to express what we hear from God through the creative and actively in response to a journey through the church and churchyard.

TRINITY’s community café: Café12/31 will also be open most days throughout the exhibition opening so come and enjoy a lovely fresh coffee and some homemade cake whilst you browse!

Artist Information

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Suzanne Hennegrave[/sg_popup]

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Photographic sculpture workshop // Martina La Trobe-Bateman

The Church upon a Hill: A Journey // Suzanne Hennegrave

Following The Breadcrumbs // Sarah Horne