My ChurchSuite is the church member facing section of TRINITY’s database & church management system & is available via secure login to all Electoral Roll members.

It allows members to view & edit their own / family details, view & sign up for events, easily contact those in groups to which they belong, view rotas for teams they serve in, listen to the most recent TRINITY talks and access the new online Family List.

The first thing you need to do is setup a login. If you’re an Electoral Roll member you should have received an email inviting you to do this. If you’ve not received this and would like to use My ChurchSuite, please contact Martin at

Once you’ve setup your password you’ll always be able to login to My ChurchSuite by visiting

Once you’re logged into My ChurchSuite you’ll be able to see a few upcoming special events on the Home page. However, there’s much more to discover in the menu including access to the Family List if you have consented to be included in it.

By far the best way to discover all that My ChurchSuite can do and begin learning how to use it is to begin clicking and exploring!

The new Family List is towards the bottom of the menu and will enable you to search for church members and click on them to display all their contact details.  The Groups area will do the same within the groups to which you belong but also allow you to email the whole group together.

If you have any questions about My ChurchSuite please email